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Before the Shinsengumi...

An RPG Community

Before the Shinsengumi
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Welcome to the Shinsengumi!

The year is 1858 and Kondo Isami is the owner of a small dojo in Edo known at the Shieikan. Although it is poor, it is to be remembered as the gathering place for some of the greatest swordsmen Japan has ever known.

However at the moment they're just a bunch of young boys having fun and getting into trouble...

List of Taken Characters.

Kondo Isami - isami_kondou
Hijikata Toshizo - toshi_hijikata
Okita Souji - okita_sojirou
Inoue Genzaburo - gen_san
Okita Mitsu - ane_san
Yamazaki Susumu - jikkenrou
Nagakura Shinpachi - nagakura_shin

List of Open Characters.

Harada Sanosuke
Yamanami Keisuke
Todo Heisuke
Saito Hajime
Ryoma Sakamoto

Rules of the Game.

Conflicts will happen in any rpg. To help resolve these, here is a list of rules and a code of conduct for this game. All players are asked to observe these at all times.

RPG Discussion Community.

In order to prevent OOC discussions about game events and problems from needlessly interrupting the flow of the rpg, a seperate community has been set up for this at rpg_updates. All players are required to join this community, as well as the actual rpg one.

How to Join.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this rpg, please click here to find our game application.